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We work with individuals and corporations to resolve tax liabilities by negotiating the best possible settlement legally possible. Each case is different; therefore, we perform a complete financial analysis and case investigation to identify which tax settlement program you qualify for.

Payroll Tax Help

Do you have a levy on your business assets for unpaid payroll taxes and unfiled payroll tax returns? Things can go downhill fast with payroll tax penalties. The IRS imposes Trust Fund Recovery penalties on the business owners and employees responsible for payroll. We can help your resolve these payroll tax penalties.

Clueless and speaking to IRS?

First advise, if you do not have a clue what the IRS letter is stating, do not shoot yourself in the foot by calling them without representation. The IRS does make mistakes and those mistakes can be very costly to you. Also, navigating the IRS maize is very tricky and frustrating so save yourself the headache. We will use our knowledge, experience and expertise to help you navigate that IRS maize for the best possible outcome.

Partnering with Tax and Accounting Professionals

We focus on IRS resolution and we work with CPAs, EAs, Attorneys, Bookkeepers and Tax preparers who do not have the day to day experience in IRS negotiations. IRS Tax resolution can be very time consuming as negotiations can take up to 24 months. Practitioners who want to focus their time on growing and grooming their practice can refer their tax problem cases to us.

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